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Gratitude List № 74

Northern California rain.
The first blue sky I’ve seen in weeks.
Watching my little one talk to the house plants.
Pulling oracle cards with Nic.
Spending the entire day at home with my chosen family.
24 hour turkey.
Sweet potato biscuits.
Texts from friends.
Taking the time to reflect on all that I have to be grateful for.
Solomon’s smile lighting up the room.
Taking more time off work.
The auto responder on my email.
Herbal medicine.
Learning how to parent.
Being more gentle with myself and Nic.
Wrapping Hanukkah gifts.
A healthy, strong body.
An uncluttered mind.
Clear and healthy relationships.
Sticking to my boundaries.
Surrendering to what is in front of me.
Knowing when to stick it out and when to let go.
My breath.
A heart that is wide open.
Saying yes.


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