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Gratitude List № 75

A year of abundance.
A healthy son.
The potency of a power nap.
Writing a little bit when I can.
Re-examining the expectations I have of myself.
Letting so many of them go.
Making tiny, sustainable changes.
Navigating the changes with more grace than before.
Asking for help.
Asking for help again.
Turning inward for happiness.
Being more truthful with myself.
Sitting in the seat of the student.
Learning how to nourish myself in new ways.
Quiet, gentle work behind the scenes.
Eating almost every meal at home.
Crock pot going constantly in the kitchen.
Learning to flow.
Strengthening flexibility.
Committing to the practices that align my nervous system.
Shedding what is no longer useful.
Editing and refining.
Getting down to the core.
Doing more with less.
Breathing in. Breathing out.
Trying to relax more like my cat.
Making one last new moon wish for 2018: Be, Here, Now.


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