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Gratitude List № 76

A few moments of quiet to type this list.
The first hand bound advance of my book showing up on the doorstep today!
Holding the book in my hands while feeding Solomon.
Feeling the sheer joy of birthing two babies this year.
Also acknowledging the challenges that surfaced bringing them both earth side.
Allowing myself to feel everything that comes along with this level of vulnerability.
Couples therapy.
Admitting when I am lost, when I don’t know, and when I feel stuck.
Feeling the energy shift when my history shows in the room and noticing the sensations in my body as I come into presence.
Softly tracking each breath.
Slowly relinquishing vigilance.
A sweet little nap with Solomon.
Holding him a bit tighter, feeling how precious each moment is and recognizing it is already going by too fast.
Lemon balm.
Candy Barrel Cactus.
Asking these plant allies for support.
Recording a seasonal breathwork practice.
Remembering why I do this work.
Smiling with this exhale.


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