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Gratitude List № 77

Typing this list with Solomon sleeping on my chest in his carrier.
My body created a life this year, a tangible, chubby, life!
Taking the time to reflect and soak in what a wild and epic year it has been in all of the ways.
Finally feeling deep down that I’ve got everything I need and that I just might be okay.
Getting real about the anxiety I’ve been living with and being willing to face what I’ve been avoiding.
Standing my ground and sticking with the boundaries I’ve set even when it seems less complicated to fold.
Accepting where people are at and recognizing that I can accept them and not engage at the same time.
Being willing to admit when I’ve reacted in ways that were not aligned for me and unpacking the programs that keep me from being vulnerable in those moments instead.
Choosing integrity over fear.
Practicing forgiving myself and the inner critic and judge who has fought so hard for survival.
Laughing so much my face hurts.
Crying so much my chest burns.
Loving so hard my heart aches.
Writing my first book that just might help a few people.
Being conscious of where I put my energy and choosing to conserve it as much as I need to.
Taking loads of time off to be with myself, little Solomon and Nic.
Returning to my yoga practice.
Exhaling in savasana.
Valuing my time like never before.
Committing to staying when things got difficult this year.
I already know what it’s like to leave, I don’t know what it’s like to stay.
Becoming the earth for my son.
Becoming the earth for Nic.
Becoming the earth for myself.


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