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Gratitude List № 78

Taking the time to write this list while Solomon sleeps in his crib for the first time.
The sheer joy of stepping into this part of myself that has been waiting to be woken up.
Teaching my first class of the year last night and soaking up every single moment.
The power of group work.
The depth that is possible in intimate circles.
Getting a four hour stretch of sleep last night.
My body, this amazing, living, feeling being has been growing another amazing, living, being for over a year.
Nic and I establishing the kind of family we wish we had when we were younger.
Those quiet moments in the middle of the feeding Solomon and feeling grateful to my core that he chose me to come through and mother him.
Hiring an expert support team for my business so that I can spend as much time as I want to at home and trust that all is taken care of.
Settling into this new chapter of my life where I need more help in order to show up in the ways that feel the most aligned.
The fact that I can even bring on such a team and that everyone I am working with is such a dream come true.
Deepening my connection with Nic.
Thawing some layers than have needed thawing for years.
Watching Nic and Solomon play and how my heart feels like it is going to burst each time.
Staying grounded and rooted when Solomon is having a hard moment..
Returning to my yoga practice.
Listening to the calls of my body.
Returning home to myself within this beautiful little live I’ve worked so hard to receive.
And allowing it all in one inhale at a time.


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