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Gratitude List № 79

Showing up here for my weekly gratitude check in.
Enjoying being more quiet here on social before we ramp things up for some big announcements in the coming weeks.
Being able to flow more easily between energetic input and output.
Trusting what my body and psyche can handle and learning to delegate even more.
Letting go of control.
Asking for extra help.
Receiving the support with grace.
Holding the book I wrote in my hands and giving myself a little space to feel the enormousness of it all.
Fierce boundaries.
Saying no to anxious, pressuring energy and language.
Saying no to guilt trips.
Separating myself from what isn’t mine to bear, process, carry, clear, or heal.
Touching into the potency deep within my cells that knows exactly what it’s here for, who I am, and just how grounded and powerful I can be.
Creating space to pause.
Creating space to exhale.
Creating space to settle.
Creating space to trust.
Creating space to speak up.
Creating space to soften.


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