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Gratitude List № 81

Epic family therapy session today.
Feeling so blessed to be with a partner who is really doing his work.
Dancing with Nic and Solomon at Sweetgreen.
Soaking in all of these tender moments so that I have something to draw on when challenges arise.
Navigated some big challenges today with more ease and grace.
Trusting the process a little bit more.
Taking a pause to breathe in the cool afternoon air.
Leaving a message for a friend.
Voice notes from people I love and adore.
Being connected to an incredible mediator who has the ability to hold very deep and sacred space.
Non violent communication.
Catching myself in old patterns and shifting them on the spot.
Gearing up for my book launch.
Feeling excited and a little anxious about having this book out in the world.
Creating a wider container for the complexities of my experiences.
Holding Solomon in my arms and smelling the top of his head.
A desire to continue showing up and a willingness to put one foot in front of the other.
Evaluating my business and deciding to make some big changes this year.
Feeling the pull to downsize and go even deeper.
Just one more week until our family hits the road for our annual trip to Tucson.
Typing this list in bed while Nic and Solomon are fast asleep at 5:30pm.
Hopping of my phone so that I can sit and watch them rest.


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