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Gratitude List № 82

48 hours until Hawaii.
Recording my first audio book in one day.
Drawing from a well of inner resource I didn’t realize I had.
Growing stronger despite being exhausted.
Staying in my own lane and on my own radar.
Holding Solomon while he got a shot today and his laughter right afterward.
Parenting with Nic (he makes it so fun).
Keeping clear boundaries.
Feeling the waves of grief that come from loss.
Family bubble baths.
Mini dance parties.
Laughing everyday no matter what.
Being more than okay with people not liking me.
Feeling my mama bear energy so strongly.
Being willing to own my ideas about what I want my family to feel like.
Learning new layers of how to create safe spaces.
Unwinding my nervous system with herbs and exhales.
Taking the time to write this and show up for my practice this evening.


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