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Gratitude List № 83

Managing to get my work done on very little sleep.
Solomon’s incredible laugh.
Nic bringing home lunch.
Changing light.
Late afternoon warm breeze in the house.
Supportive voice notes and texts from friends.
Reminding myself that I can go as slow as I need to, I can set my own pace.
Feeling a deeper pull to live closer to the earth.
Landing home after nearly two weeks in Hawaii inspired to open up a wider vision for my life and family.
Taking a little time to pause, breathe and write this list.
Recognizing that boundaries are living and breathing energies, not fortresses or thick walls.
Renegotiating my personal boundaries and energetic output so that I can stay in my body with my feet on the ground.
Hummingbirds zipping all over the blooming flowers.
Just a few weeks away from the equinox.
Putting what I no longer need into the compost, beliefs, relationships, objects.
The promise that renewal brings.


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