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Gratitude List № 84

My little book on the breath making its way into the world.
Showing up for morning breathwork sessions and having so much fun.
Solomon enjoying eating sweet potatoes.
Heavy rains.
Friends reaching out to say they are thinking of me.
Vintage 517 Levi’s in the perfect shade of blue.
Scheduled a manual osteopathic session for myself tomorrow and booking a massage for next week.
Committing to getting bodywork once a week for a few months to help myself get reorganized.
Being six months postpartum and in awe of how different my life looks and feels.
Deciding to take most of the summer off work to hang with my family.
Planning trips to spend time with the trees and nap on the dirt.
Feeling the constant, gentle pull to leave the city and head with my family to a different land.
Honoring the pull and being curious about it instead of being afraid.
Laughing on the bed with Nic and Solomon and feeling just how quickly this time is passing.
Watching Solomon grow and feeling my heart grow right along with him.
An expansiveness I never could have imagined for myself.
A love so deep it brings me to tears.
A life so rich that has nothing to do with money.
A breath so relaxed I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


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