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Gratitude List № 85

Coming back to this practice.
Taking two much needed naps today with Solomon.
Softening the expectations I have of myself.
Recognizing that the amount of energy I had to show up for all the things before I became a mama has diminished dramatically.
Allowing myself to grieve my pre-baby life.
Gently finding my way through what is in front of me one breath at a time.
Holding a much larger container for myself through these massive internal shifts.
Slowly finding a new community of mamas up north.
Reminders that I’m not alone.
The sun bringing life to my tired face.
Playing with Solomon in the grass.
Giving myself room to be as minimal as I need to be around the book tour.
Not engaging with anything or anyone that can’t see and support who I am right now.
The blessings and abundance that come with bringing a new life into the world.
Hearing my son laugh at the end of a long day.
A partner who anchors us.
Handwritten notes in the mail.
A grounding conversation with a dear friend this afternoon.
Feeling my heart open expand a little more each day.


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