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Gratitude List № 86

Staying grounded while solo parenting all day.
Learning to regulate myself quickly from the inside out.
Being gentle with myself.
Solomon and I getting out of the house to connect with some amazingly talented Bay Area mamas.
Asking for more help.
Re-structuring my work life (again!) and enjoying the creativity that being a new mama invites in.
The felt sense of joy simply being with Solomon and Nic yesterday afternoon.
Cultivating relaxed presence.
Feeling subtle waves of grief as Mother’s Day draws near.
Trusting that I have the capacity to move through this weekend, feelings and all, with compassion for myself and my Mom.
A strong container of support.
Walking steadily into new depths with a new level of curiosity.
Giving more attention to my body’s stories than my mind’s narratives.
Nic arranging to have the fridge full of nourishing homemade food so that we could have a little break from cooking.
Fresh flowers on the table.
Solomon’s seal.
The anticipation of dear friends coming to town this weekend.
A few quiet moments to reflect and write this list while Solomon sleeps.
A long, slow exhale.


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