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Gratitude List № 91

Taking a moment to pause and write this list.
Finding joy returning to a very gentle yoga practice.
Giving my body all of the time and space it needs.
Feeling okay not being “back” to my pre-baby body/life/clothing size/energy level.
Recognizing that for me there isn’t anywhere to get “back” to, my life is a beautiful continuum.
Landing in the season I am in and celebrating it with cherished friends.
Real deal, tough conversations that cut through the noise and reorganize my mind.
Taking as many pauses as I want and need to from social media without giving it any weight or needing to make announcements about it.
Enjoying the slow, warm, quiet summer days.
Leaning into the deep tiredness I feel with a newfound level of acceptance.
Trusting this tired season will pass and feeling the abundant tenderness and love that is freely flowing through it.
Staring into my son’s eyes and feeling the entire cosmos between us.
At long last knowing a love that is totally and completely unconditional.
Softening the space between my shoulder blades.
Opening to receptivity.
Saying yes with ease.
Saying no with grace.
Trusting, trusting, trusting.


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