Winter Solstice Breathwork Session, join us! X

Gratitude List № 92

Showing up for this practice even though I am tired.
Redefining my relationship to social media.
Catching up on voice notes.
Feeling regulated and grounded when taking care of Solomon this afternoon.
Tapping into my strength, a deep well of inner resource that I am learning to access more and more.
Saying yes to teaching at some inspiring next month in the Bay Area.
Learning on a new level that I can trust the process and that I don’t need to hustle, for anything.
Feeling grounded in my value and worth irrespective of how much or little I am working.
Dropping into my heart and creating space to listen to her quiet wisdom.
Sending prayers to one of my oldest and dearest teachers today.
Saying hello to all of the ancestors who showed up to support me today.
Reorienting toward intimacy, vulnerability, and connection in moments of fear.
Giving myself a break for how defensive I can get at times and remembering that part of me served an essential purpose, it helped me get to this moment, right now.
An ever-extending exhale.
Room to grow.


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