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Gratitude List № 93

Typing this out while little Solomon is fast asleep.
Nearly 24 hours of solo parenting and traveling with the babe and we are doing alright!
Feeling so much more confident in my capacity to be with Solomon no matter what space he is in and offer him steady comfort and regulation.
Getting through our flight yesterday with relative ease.
Solomon falling asleep on my lap at the end of the flight.
The tenderness of holding a sleeping babe.
The tears that streamed down my face when I sank into the felt sense of our connection.
Missing Nic and feeling grateful to have such an amazing and supportive partner in my life.
Watching Solomon feed goats feeling how much joy it gave him.
Putting more energy into writing.
Creating new boundaries around work.
Taking time to rest.
Giving myself all the permission to not have it together or figured out.
Choosing to turn toward over and over when often my impulse is to turn away.
Recognizing how much is changing even though at times it feels like it’s not that much at all.
Micro adjustments.
Subtle layers.
Consistent attunement.
The essential pause.


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