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Gratitude List № 94

Morning cuddles with Solomon.
Finding a new rhythm with my family.
Deeper awareness of the effects of my attachment style in my life.
The freshness of working in a new space.
Staying hydrated.
Pulling my attention back and dropping it into my heart.
More body, less head.
Re-evaluating my work life and feeling that it’s time to make another shift.
Getting clear on what my true strengths are and what gives me the energy exchange I’m seeking.
Feeling grateful for clients who show up in ways that inspire me to keep growing.
Getting some mini downloads about my next book.
Committing to taking a few weeks off in December and January to reset and hang with my family.
Repairing relationships through my nervous system.
Friends who understand that healing is a process and that it’s okay to show up in whatever capacity I can.
Cooler days.
Cozy sweaters.
The ever present desire for expansion.
The depth of laughter.
The sacred pause.
The commitment to staying the course.


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