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Gratitude List № 95

Exhaling slowing, taking a moment to begin this list while Solomon naps in the car.
Feeling on the mend after being really sick for the first time in years.
My immune system.
My body.
Willingness to keep things slow and grounded as I recover.
Choosing to be in the discomfort of not feeling well and staying present with my family.
Getting through something major with Solomon and feeling a stronger connection and attachment between us as a result.
A clean home.
So much possibility on the horizon yet I don’t feel overwhelmed or that I need to do it all.
Revising my vision for 2020 and embodying the deeper call to keep things really simple.
The desire to do less and the willingness to put the structure in place so that is a real option.
Digging into my fears about leaving city life.
Recognizing that I want to go, not as a running from but as a moving toward.
Keeping boundaries that I have been too afraid to keep in the past.
Processing the grief and all the big feelings of fear that kept me from keeping those boundaries.
Making choices that disrupt my family system.
Being okay, more and more with being awake.
Repairing what I can in present time.
Holding myself and my chosen family closer.
Another exhale.
And another.


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