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Gratitude List № 97

The grounding smell of fresh pine and cedar trees.
The slower pace of the woods.
Hawks and vultures flying overhead.
The instant joy that Solomon expresses leaving the city.
Feeling regulated out here in the quiet.
Being with Nic and Solomon in our dear friend @tobemagnetic’s healing @theforestretreathouse.
Taking time for our little family to regroup and connect in the midst of the changes we are all facing.
Giving myself space to feel all that is showing up right now in my body.
Everyone on the front lines of this virus who are putting themselves at risk.
The parents who are wearing all the hats right now doing their best to show up with consciousness and love.
Texting and voice notes with loved ones.
Staying connected and being present.
Remembering to breathe. Remembering to pause.
Remembering to rest.
Remembering to fill my cup so that I can show up for my family and community with coherence, compassion, and love.
Long, slow, inhales.
Gentle, slow, exhales.⁣


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