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Learning the Lessons

Living for the cycles right now. Learning the lessons that I need to keep learning, reminding myself that it doesn’t mean something is wrong with me if I need to cycle through it one or five more times. There is much to be mined from each experience as I get closer and closer to learning all I need to know. This is such a great teaching for the little part of me that still wants to have it all figured out. And wow there really is so much magic and beauty in each cycle, in each time I get closer to breaking a pattern and each time I lean into deeper levels of vulnerability. This is me, today, continuing to be a devoted student, surrendering as many times each day as I need to, being perfectly imperfect.

All my heart.



  • Kimberly

    This is the perfectly imperfect message I needed to hear today. I constantly find myself wanting to rush through the “process” of bettering myself. I just want the outcome. The process is what it’s all about, though! And I’m happy to know I’m not alone in having to go through things multiple times before figuring it out for myself. Thank you for the kind and inspiring words, Ashley.

    • ashley

      Hello Kimberly,
      It is great to connect with you. Thank you for taking the time to write and share. You are so right, it is a process and I have found within that process is a cycle and we cycle through our lessons over and over until they pass through. Sometimes they are quick and other times they take years. There is beauty and meaning to be found in all no matter their duration. And I hear you, there are times I am just over it and ready to move past something! The paradox is that those are often the times I need to slow way down and pay closer attention. Thank you for this reminder today, it was what I needed ;) Thinking of you and sending love. x

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