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hatha yoga

Yoga is a powerful metaphor for the work I do as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Yoga is about finding peace in the body and mind, about being in the present moment, even those that are challenging and uncomfortable. Making a shift in one’s diet, lifestyle, or perspective on food requires this same spirit—I know because I’ve made these shifts myself! When I work with people to meet their nutritional needs and redesign their diets, I also lovingly guide them through the ups and downs that can accompany change.

Like yoga, long-term health and wellbeing is best achieved with a daily practice. Taking good care of yourself on a regular basis will impact your life on a profound level. Together we will develop a nutritional program that you love making a part of your everyday and that can evolve over time to meet your changing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Cultivating awareness is also a big part of what I help people do. When you are keenly aware of what you are feeding yourself, and how those things are making you feel, you will know how to make adjustments to feel your best. Everything can be a form of nourishment—our relationships, activities, and whole healthy foods. In our work together, we will look at your diet and also at the big picture to help you live a life that is healthy and inspired—a life in which you feel balanced and at peace in your body, heart and mind.

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