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A New Year’s Prayer

May you have the courage to let go. You were born with the deepest streak of bravery and your intuition is never wrong. It’s time to lean into this fact and stop punishing yourself for the past. Let it go. Trust yourself.

May you have the courage to keep opening even when it feels like you can’t possibly open any more, believe me, it’s possible. Because if I can open, you can too.

May you have the willingness to let in all the love that has been trying to work its way into your heart for so many years. Even if you don’t feel worth it, even if it scares the shit out of you, even when you want to run screaming the other way or convince yourself the love will fade. Love is energy and it can never be taken away from you. Let it in sweet pea. You’re worth it.

May you have the courage to share your experiences with the kind of vulnerability that snaps you right into the present moment the way nothing else can, the kind of vulnerability that makes your heart skip a beat and your ears go deaf for a moment because never in your life have you put so much on the line.

You’re betting on yourself this time and it’s the biggest deal in the world.

You’ve shown your hand and baby you’re all fucking in.

Here’s to you for showing up, getting messy and laughing like you’ve never laughed before.

All fucking in.

All my heart.



Photo: Marielle Chua 


  • As I read this with my rose quartz resting against my heart, I feel my breathe heavy reading the message about love. I re-read this article 3 times and each time I feel connected to it more and more. I connect with all layers of letting go. Forgiveness. Vulnerability with positive power instead of the opposite. Putting everything I have worked for up to this moment on the line, betting fully on myself, which is the best decision I have and will ever make, so far. and Lastly, “Love is energy and it can never be taken away from you,” is the greatest confirmation I have heard this year. And I thank you for your beautiful words, in turn, creating beautiful beliefs and thoughts. Happy New Year sending you all the love and light being introduced today during the New Moon.


  • Jamie

    Amen! Wow, I just read this and although I’m a little late to the New Year party, this message is never too late to hear and meditate on. It’s so crazy when you stop to think for a second about how hard it is to be your true, authentic self! It sounds so simple and should be the easiest thing but it’s often the hardest . This was very inspiring to go out there and go after what I really want in this life.

    • ashley

      You’re welcome Jamie! I am so glad you found this post and you are 100% right, the message is timeless. I agree, it is often the most challenging to be yourself, and it’s really a practice in itself. I am thrilled you are inspired to get out there and go after what you want. Thank you for taking the time to share that, it’s just what I needed to ready today ;) x

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