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Breathwork Basics: Digital Course


The Breathwork Basics course is designed to give you a foundation for learning about your breath and establishing a simple breathwork practice at home. Over the course of this self-directed six day workshop you will learn how to reduce stress and manage anxiety so that you can feel more present in your life.

This course is currently being re-recorded and will be available in early November.

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How To Breathe Deeper Book Club


The How To Breathe Deeper series of live online classes designed for breathwork students who want to deepen their practices in community and have an opportunity to receive guidance from Ashley and her specific methodology of working the the breath and body. This series is based on her book How To Breathe and was created for new and seasoned breathwork students. Each session is thematic and based on a specific practice from the book. The next session will be in November 2020.

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Summer Mini Retreat


The summer is a powerful time to gather in the spirit of nourishing and supporting our creativity. During this mini retreat we will take a collective pause to strengthen our connection to the earth, the sun, and our own vitality. Through Ashley’s signature blend of guided breathwork, somatic inquiry, and journaling we will release stagnant energy opening up more space for your creativity to flourish.

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