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How To Breathe: The Book

In How to Breathe, breathwork expert Ashley Neese gives practical guidance for channeling the power of your breath to help you tackle common challenges with mindfulness and serenity. The book first introduces you to the foundations of breathwork, outlining the research-supported benefits of the practice and explaining how the breath relates to emotions and resilience. Neese then offers 25 customized practices that she has created for clients over the last decade. Each practice features an introduction explaining the origin, benefits, and purpose of the breathwork, followed by step-by-step instructions and post-practice notes. With transporting photography and modern design, How to Breathe shows how small exercises can have a huge impact on daily health and happiness.


“I have been a terrible breather—a chronic hyperventilator when I get tired and stressed—for my entire life. And then I met Ashley: She taught me how to focus on the exhale, to fully empty my lungs—and in the process, she gave me back control over this issue that has plagued my adult life.”
Elise Loehnen, Chief Content Officer, GOOP
“Living in ‘survival mode’ in our 24/7 world has health consequences on our moods, weight, hormones, immune system—even our outlook on life. The breath is the most important tool we have for finding and sustaining inner calm. How to Breathe is a beautiful touchstone filled with simple practices that can help you to shift quickly from feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, and frazzled into a sense of well-being—something we all want more of in this day and time.”
Aviva Romm, MD, author, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution
“The modern world is moving ever-so-fast, and we are experiencing the effects within ourselves, and without. Not leaving us unaided or without answers, Ashley Neese graciously responds to our essential need to sustain our well-being in How To Breathe. This is a necessary text for our modern, steadily changing times.”
Lalah Delia, founder, Vibrate Higher Daily
"Love, Love, Love this book. It is broken into different sections depending on need or emotion. This book is great for anyone who is looking for a little space, to create meaningful rituals or just want to process the abundance of information we absorb in the course of the day. It is aesthetically beautiful. A great gift for anyone on your list!”
Lynn D.L.
“Ashley’s debut book is invaluable. I am a yoga teacher and frequently reference Ashley as my “breathwork teacher” if I use her practices during classes. I feel deeply connected to this work and am so grateful to have this resource. The photography is soft and calm and is nice to gaze at if you just need to get grounded. Thank you Ashley!”
Katie P.
"Ashley is a dedicated, kind, and skilled breathwork teacher. This book feels very much like having an intimate conversation with her. She lays the groundwork beautifully, teaching readers why we breathe and how it helps us to regulate and heal our nervous system, and then she offers a menu of practices to help work with different situations and emotional states. The practices are as simple and accessible as they are powerful. How to Breathe has quickly become a favorite companion and I practice with it daily.”
Kristen J.
“This book is blowing my mind. I received my copy the day it came out and have been using the breathwork practices ever since. Ashley is incredibly inspiring, authentic, and knowledgeable. So grateful for all of her work!”
Abigail D.
“This book is so well done. Ashley has a gift with words. She's able to take complex information and make it digestible while still providing so much valuable information. Ever since finding Ashley and her work, I've expanded my own practice and was so excited when she came out with this book. It's an amazing tool!”
Nathan B.

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