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How To Breathe: The Practice

$26.00 per session

How To Breathe: The Practice is a monthly guided breathwork session for anyone who wants to connect to their body and learn to harness the power of their breath as a catalyst for transformation. Each session is thematic and includes Ashley’s signature blend of guided breathwork, somatic inquiry, and journal prompts. The Practice was inspired by Ashley’s bestselling book How To Breathe. Sessions are released on the new moon each month and you will have unlimited access to the recordings. The current session is on Boundaries and our next session releases on October 6th.


Breathwork Basics: Digital Course

Free with purchase of
How to breathe: The Practice

Breathwork Basics will give you a foundation for learning about your breath and establishing a supportive practice at home. This self-directed course is a toolkit of essential skills and breathing practices that can be built on in our monthly breathwork session, How To Breathe: The Practice.


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