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Nutrition Consulting

ashley neese nutrition consulting

Making decisions about what to eat for dinner, finding the time to cook, easing stress, and cutting down on sugar may sound difficult—but they really don’t have to be.

I work with clients on these things and much more, creating individualized dietary and lifestyle plans to meet each of their unique wants and needs.

During our sixty minute one-on-one sessions we will examine your current situation, make healthy improvements to your diet, remove obstacles standing in the way of you feeling balanced, redefine your relationship to food and eating, and keep you on track to meeting your goals—with encouragement and support, of course.

You’ll learn how to make educated decisions about what to eat, whip up quick and nutritious meals, and will walk away with a collection of practical tools to use on your holistic journey, wherever it may take you.

Better yet, you’ll rid yourself of  unhealthy habits, excess weight, stress, and will gain more awareness, energy, and love for yourself.

I work with clients in person in the Los Angeles area as well as worldwide via Skype. Get in touch to schedule a consultation.


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