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What is Breathwork?

How It Works

Breathwork is about regulating the nervous system, widening our capacity for experiencing the felt sense, and integrating our past. We acknowledge how you are feeling at the beginning of every session as well as set intentions to guide our process. Next I will guide you through specific breathing practices and somatic inquiries to support your intention for that specific session as well as your larger intentions for our work together over the long term. Each breathing practice will elicit different effects. My expertise in somatic meditation, trauma counseling, and body focused therapy will create a bespoke series of sessions that will address the core of what you are seeking to shift and integrate.

How it Feels

As you begin to breathe with my guidance, you will experience a tangible sense of dropping into your body. I will guide you in learning to identify the somatic markers of when your system is activated and when it is regulated. At times you might experience energy discharge and the felt sense of space in your body as you unwind past patterns that are no longer needed in present time. You might also experience an awakening in your heart or intuitive opening. I’m here as your guide, to hold witness space for your process and encourage your transformation. Sessions will be led in a safe and co-regulated energy field. Together we will create an environment that supports your highest potential no matter what you are seeking.

How We Process

As my methodology of session work takes a bottom up approach, meaning we work directly with your body and felt sense, we stay in close contact throughout your sessions to be sure they are staying within your range and capacity. This is essential when working with trauma as well as regressed states which often show up in our work together. Session work is cumulative. The deepest, most profound and sustainable changes take place within the context of the relational field which is why I only offer sessions in a series. I often give homework between sessions to support you in continuing to process your experiences on your own and integrate any thoughts and feelings as actions in your daily life.


"I wasn’t quite sure if breathwork was right for me, but during our first session I was able to breathe deeper, had clearer thoughts, increased focus, and decreased anxiety. In the weeks following I was refocused and recharged. I was blown away by how effective the practice was and the space Ashley holds for this work. I’ve recommended her to my wife and close friends."
C.E., Los Angeles, CA
"I knew I would have to get real with myself during my work with Ashley, and the support she provided made that less daunting. Our breathwork session powerfully connected me to my body and helped me realize my breath can influence my state of being. Ashley creates a safe place to uncover what is below the surface and unconscious mind. In my journey of self-discovery and looking to go deeper into my body and heal, Ashley has been an incredible guide."
S.N., Orange County, CA
"After my first session, one of my biggest takeaways was how much I was holding. Our work gave me a method to help let some of it go. Ashley helped make me feel comfortable and understood. When working with Ashley, show up open for anything and it’s amazing what shifts can be made in a short time."
-Michelle C., Los Angeles

The Benefits


  • Clears stuck energy
  • Dissolves limiting beliefs
  • Strengthens intuition
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Heals stored relational trauma



  • Inspires creativity
  • Opens the heart for love
  • Balances chakras (energy centers)
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Establishes natural sleep patterns



  • Relieves anxiety & stress
  • Eases stored grief
  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports addiction recovery
  • Upgrades emotional connectedness


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