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Quick Tips

Self-care travel tips – 5 tips to get you ready

Eating well on the go – 7 tips to put into place while on the go

Eating well every day – Starting small for long term success

Healthy snacks at the movies – Save money & take care of yourself

Stop comparing – We all do it, here’s how to stop

5 day emotional detox – Shake it off!

5 Steps to a clean house – Easy peasy


Seasonal Tips

Eating seasonally – It’s important, here’s why

Spring cleansing foods – A list of foods to help

Spring equinox celebration – Create an altar to celebrate the new seasons

Spring clean your head & heart – So important

Beating the summer heat – Keep cool with these 10 tips

Staying healthy in the summer – tips to keep you healthy

Fall fitness tips – 7 tips to keep you moving when its cold

Fall skin care – Tips to keep you glowing and feeling your best

Staying healthy during the holidays – this is so tough sometimes, here are 5 tips to keep you centered

Make lasting New Years resolutions – make them, stick to them, make them happen

Coping with holiday stress – 6 tips to get you through one of the most stressful times of year


Cold & Flu Season Tips & Resources

Wellness tips for season – 10 tips to keep you feeling better

FaceMelter recipe – Ohhh! This one is fun!

Ginger detox bath – Feeling run down? Make this simple bath


Gratitude & Acceptance

5 pages of gratitude Creating daily inspiration Acceptance Don’t fight the universe Pay attention to what you are doing Tracking magic Fear is a terrible excuse Working with doubt



Self love month Summer of self love Creating your vision Spring cleaning


Staying Organized

Utilizing spreadsheets – Let’s get organized!

Checking in on your goals – Now follow through!


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Yoga, Meditation, & Exercise

A yoga pose I can’t live without – one pose to do everyday

Keeping your commitment to exercise – Tips on how to keep that commitment!

Starting a meditation practice – I share how I started my own practice

Starting an in home yoga practice – Get started!

Ways to stick to your exercise plan – Tips on being realistic about working out

Alignment, strength, attention – Challenge yourself with these poses


Self Care, Personal & Business Growth

Shake things up – Follow these 5 tips to get outside yourself

Start believing in yourself today – Learn how to move forward

Embracing mistakes at work – Accept them, and get to work

Connect to the why – What is the real reason?

Small business self-care – Getting real in business

Practicing patience – Practice, practice, practice

Financial responsibility – Yep, this one is important

Dreams take work – Dreams happen from goals and hard work

Self care & social media – So important in today’s world

Get out of your own way – On of the best things you can do

Release and invite – An exercise to set yourself free

Focus on what you love about yourself – 4 Questions to increase your self love



Lessons on love from Thich Nhat Hanh – 4 Important lessons that have helped me

Online Dating & Creating space – Make space & get ready

Creating happiness – My own experience on learning how to be happy

Forgiveness & love – Making it a daily practice

Spring cleaning your love life – Suggestions to open yourself to new relationships

If it’s meant to be you can’t mess it up

On being real about having children: Part I, Part II, – I get real here!

Making the most of your weekends – Plan it out, enjoy it

Manifesting desire – Encouraging change


Cultivating healthy relationships with food

Chew your food! The importance of taking a moment when eating

Mindful eating – Steps to make this helpful exercise easy

Deconstructing sweet cravings – Use these steps to break your sugar habit

Comfort food – Taking a look at what is actually the “comfort” you crave



First mix of the year Spring Love mix Late summer slow down mix End of Summer mix 30 Day Dance Challenge


Good starting places for research into holistic health and lifestyle

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD Dr. Mark Hyman, MD The Well Being Journal The Worlds Healthiest Foods Yoga Journal



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