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Self-Care Travel Tips

Coming off a month of focused self-love journaling and trying to settle into LA. I have spent time during these weeks developing a list of self-care practices that are simple, effective, and help keep me sane and grounded in the midst of traveling.

Here are five self-care tips to guide you during your travels :

1. Get organized before you go: This is a big one. A couple of days before I leave town I print out my itineraries and make sure I have double checked all of my travel information. I set it aside to go in my carry on bag (if flying) so that it’s easily accessible. I make sure I have all the important phone numbers in my phone and on paper just incase something happens to my phone. I also confirm my rides to and from the airport and make sure to get to the airport early.

2. Rest: This seems super basic and it is, but how many times do we not get enough rest before a big travel day and then feel completely wiped out by the time we arrive at our destination? Traveling wears you out so it is important to get plenty of rest before you leave. While on your trip remember to take rest if you need to, there is no shame in self-care! We do not have to “do it all” on our trips. Trust me. I have tried that and I have only gotten stressed out and sick ;)

3. Stay hydrated: The lack of humidity on airplanes can really dry you out. It is important to drink plenty of water especially on long flights to avoid dehydration. It is recommended to drink 8oz of water every hour on the plane. I know that seems like a lot especially if you are like me and will have to get up and use the restroom every hour or so. I always try to get an aisle seat for this reason. If that seems like too much water to you have a large bottle of water that you sip on throughout the flight and remember sugary drinks, alcohol, and caffeine will are not hydrating liquids.

4. Bring healthy snacks: I always bring my own food while traveling because I don’t like airport food and let’s face it, I am picky about the food I put into my body. In addition to my meals I bring extra pieces of fruit and some dehydrated goodies incase my flight is cancelled or delayed or anything else that keeps me out longer than anticipated. Cut up vegetables are also great for traveling and little packets of nut butters.

5. Enjoy yourself: One of my travel treats is usually a magazine. I typically get the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living (I know…..) or Yoga Journal and read it while on the plane. I don’t read magazines as much as I once did so this is a refreshing way for me to spend some time on the plane. I also load up my iPod with meditations and dharma talks so that I have plenty to listen to if I decide to take a break from work ;) I find it very easy to get work done on airplanes but I am trying to get better about relaxing a bit and making my trips somewhat leisurely.

Each of these tips can easily be adjusted to your everyday life. We don’t have to go very far to start incorporating some of these simple and practical self-care tools in our lives. Try some of these out and let me know what works for you. Happy traveling!


Photo: Erin Scott

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  • Impressive list of tips before travelling. I totally agree that rest is essential before the travel date. To avoid any headaches or fatigue during the trip.

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