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spring cleaning: relationships


When we think of spring cleaning we tend to think about cleaning out our living spaces and getting organized. This evening I want to discuss cleaning out our mental, emotional and spiritual spaces via our relationships. I’m not saying go out and get rid of all your friends and start over – I do however want to encourage you to take inventory of your relationships and see what needs work. To clarify I am talking about all relationships, not just friends and not just romantic partners.

If you are reading this thinking, everything is fine over here what is she talking about, I’ll give you one quick exercise. Scan your mind and your gut. Do you have reoccurring negative thoughts about someone? Do you have a gut feeling that you need to have a conversation with someone in your life? Are you holding something back out of anger or fear? Are you asking yourself, should I even be in this relationship anymore? Are you staying in a relationship because you don’t know how to get out of it? Because it’s comfortable? Because you are afraid to be alone?

In some ways spring cleaning our homes is much easier than this type of work. I am asking you to dig deep here and get brutally honest with yourself. Only you can know how you truly feel in your relationships. If you are anything like me you are ready to take action and change. God knows I have lived long enough in relationships (friends/boyfriends) I did not want to be in but was too afraid to leave. I also spent years avoiding having the tough conversations with people because I was scared they wouldn’t be able to handle it or even worse they would leave me.

The truth is, I wasn’t ready for real intimacy. Today I am. I want authentic relationships and my job is to show up and be honest. I have to set boundaries, respect the boundaries set by others and be willing to talk about the yucky stuff I didn’t want to in the past. And as it turns out, it isn’t even that yucky. Believe it or not, the people that love me want to know what is going on even when it’s messy.

Take a look at your relationships. If things come to mind that you can do to work on them, make a list. Once you have your list start taking action right away. Use this week to have the difficult conversations, let go of people that bring you down and create space in your life for more energy, light and unconditional love.



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