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How to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

To celebrate the equinox I take time to myself to reflect and meditate. Lately I have been getting into creating these little altars as a way to deepen my connection to myself, the earth, and my intentions. For the equinox I put together an altar that has significant meaning and has been giving me clarity on what I want to develop this season.

The longer I am on my wellness journey the more I see the importance of paying attention to the seasons. Growing up there was a natural rhythm to the seasons. I lived in a city with distinct seasons and there we certain things we did when it was summer like outdoor BBQs, road trips, camping. As a kid I loved summer best as I didn’t have to go to school and there were endless hours to explore and play outdoors.

It’s interesting to me that in many ways I have been trying to reconnect with the spirit of those easy, breezy days. I think I was around 8 or 9 when I discovered how cruel the world can be and that families fall apart. I spent many years in my youth just wanting to check out of life. I poured myself into art because it was one of the only outlets I had for survival.

Fast forward and I’m often pondering how to move beyond a good 15 years of my life. As I meditate on this it is becoming clear that it’s isn’t necessary. What is important is to stay in today and honor where I am. To honor myself and the season change I pulled together some of my favorite things.

Typically an altar will have four elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. I took care to choose each item, this is also important. Having a clear space and a purpose for the altar is also key. There are many ways to arrange an altar, right now I’m going with what feels right, making it an intuitive process. I don’t believe there is a wrong way to do it ;)

For my altar I used shells that I picked up on the beach. The shells also represent the ‘water’ aspect of the altar. In the center of the altar I set up a few of my favorite crystals that were given to me by a dear friend. Each of these crystals has been a major player in my meditation practice.

Inside the shells I put (in clockwise order) fresh cilantro, worry dolls, mala beads, soaked pumpkin seeds, sage I picked in Ojai. The sage is burning, hence the smoky photos.

Cilantro: signifies the cleansing aspect of spring. Cilantro is a powerful detoxifying herb and this is the season to eat it in abundance.

Worry dolls: my grandmother gave me my first worry dolls when I was a young girl. I told them my troubles at night and slept with them under my pillow. Ever since I have had a group of worry dolls in my life.

Mala beads: I use these to chant sacred mantras daily.

Soaked pumpkin seeds: seeds are a signifier of spring. I’ve been meditating on the kinds of seeds I want to plant this year in every area of my life.

Sun dried sage: sage is a wonderful clearing herb.

In addition to making this altar I did a long meditation and ate a lot of bright, raw foods to keep my mind awake and energy high. It has been such a beautiful, peaceful afternoon. I’m wishing you all a happy spring and hope you carve out some time to set and intention for this season.



  • Yay! Happy spring! You’ve inspired me to take a bit of time to set some intentions for this season of renewal. There are lots of transitions happening in my life at the moment (I feel like I am always in transition, but such is the nature of life I suppose!), so it would be helpful to carve out a bit of time to reflect & look forward. I love your altar & that salad looks beautiful!

    • ashley

      Hey Melissa, that is awesome! I totally relate to feeling like you’re always in transition, I think it really is the nature of things ;) Happy spring to you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Thanks for continuing to amaze and inspire.

  • This altar is a great idea. Have a nice weekend!

    • ashley

      Thank you and hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

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