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Gratitude List № 15

Gratitude List 15 x Ashley Neese

New beginnings.
The smell of orange blossoms.
The promise of spring.
Carving out a path with Nic.
True partnership.
Composting outdated ideas and behaviors.
Countless opportunities to practice being confrontational.
Planting seeds.
Caring less and less what others think.
Seeing the lessons from the universe so clearly.
Listening to my gut and following through.
Staying present and grounded through challenging conversations.
Psychic protection.
Commitment to being a radical and outspoken voice about our potential to heal on cellular levels.
Healing touch.
Exhaling away judgement.
Tuning in.
Digging deep.
The sound of rain.
Trusting that if it’s not a hell yes it’s a no.
Confusion is a no.
Clients who fully show up and their desire to live embodied.
There are no mistakes.
It’s a new day.
It’s a new dawn.
It’s a new life for me.




  • karen

    Wow! Many of these are a shake-up for me. Making notes to self. Thank You

    • ashley

      Hi Karen! I really appreciate you being here and sharing that. Makes my weekend! Thank you so much. x

  • Oh I love the ones regarding the nos. So simple, so true! :-)

    • ashley

      Cornia! Yes. the no’s are just so powerful aren’t they? Happy weekend! x

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