Winter Solstice Breathwork Session, join us! X

The Comfort Breath


Hi, my name is Ashley Neese and I am so glad you’re here. In this breathwork session I will guide you through a simple and safe breathwork practice to help strengthen your diaphragm and relax into your body.

The Comfort Breath is one of my foundational breathwork practices and can be a powerful antidote when you’re going through a transition, grieving or needing to be gentle with yourself.

The Comfort Breath also strengthens the diaphragm and has a wide range of researched benefits including promoting relaxation, lowering the harmful effects of cortisol on your body, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, and supporting PTSD recovery.

I hope that The Comfort Breath gives you a little space to touch into your heart and remember your basic goodness and aliveness.





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