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The Power to Create Happiness

Well, the world did not end today in the physical sense but I definitely have had huge shifts in my attitudes and perceptions today. The last six weeks leading to this new Era of Light have been intense to say the least. Everything seemed to speed up as predicted and the amount of clarity and insight I have gotten during this time has been truly profound. I am even more aware of the ways I cut myself off from others and the ways I try to protect myself that no longer serve me.

It’s been one big awakening after another over here and to say I am grateful is an understatement. There really are no words to describe the inner shifts I am experiencing that are leading me to fall in love with each precious moment I have been given.

Today was a very peaceful day for me. I did a lot of meditating, praying, eating healthy as well as talk to important guides in my life. This morning I set the intention to share my light with others and be a positive force in the world. I set the intention to view the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder and when my mind drifted to dark places I dealt with it and recommitted to my intentions. In some ways my day was very ordinary. I ran simple errands, paid bills and made a delicious soup, but because I was clear and committed to my intentions it was quite a remarkable day. I felt so alive and calm and genuinely happy.

Conditions to not create happiness as they can not co-exist. I create my own happiness by making a decision to be happy and following through with that decision. I wanted to experiment today. I thought to myself this morning: What would my day look like if I chose to be happy no matter what? What would my day look like if I practiced kindness towards myself and others no matter what? Honestly it was pretty incredible and I am a little shocked at how the day unfolded.

Choosing to have a particular attitude about a person or situation and choosing to be happy regardless of outside circumstances is extremely empowering. Part of why my day was so beautiful is because I felt like I was taking my power back. I know that I am powerless over my first thought, maybe even my first few thoughts, but I do have the power to stop the negative story-telling and get into abundance and light which is ultimately the place where I want to dwell.

Abraham Lincoln said it best, “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” For years after reading this for the first time I thought it was total bullshit. I was like, um, no. So and so needs to do xyz then I’ll be happy. I need to achieve xyz and then I’ll be happy. I need attention from these people and then I’ll be happy. You get the point. I operated from the belief that externals were what caused/created my happiness. It did not occur to me until a couple of years ago that there really was something to this quote. I looked over my life and thought about the times I was truly happy and the constant thread was in my attitude. I was finally ready to give up putting the responsibility on others and take back my power thus creating my own happiness regardless of anything else.

This is such a powerful practice and one that I will continue to work with and explore further. Wishing you all a lovely evening and weekend ahead.

More soon.


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