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We Were Made For These Times

Below is a copy of my newsletter that I sent out on April 8, 2020.

I hope this finds you safe and well. I took a break from writing you last week to give myself some space to feel into into the massive shifts that are taking place during this unprecedented time.

So much has changed over these last weeks with the spread of COVID-19. While I have spent some time following the virus via the CDC, what I’m choosing to pay more attention to are all of the ways us humans, across the globe, are showing up for each other right now. There are countless stories and videos of connection and hope making their way through cyberspace of us humans rallying for the greater good, for the health of individuals and communities across the globe. It is magnificent to be apart of this much needed shift.

Tuning into the collective generosity of over 1 billion people sheltering in place brings tears to my eyes. Watching videos of New Yorker’s in their apartments cheering for hospital workers coming and going from the front lines of this pandemic reminds me that there are countless ways to offer support and to be part of the healing journey that we are all on together.

Here’s what has become very clear to me over these last weeks: we must release the world that we knew and move toward the new world that is emerging before us. Each and every choice we make during this time shapes what comes next for us all. Never has it been more apparent that we are truly interconnected on all levels from the energetic to the economic.

The world as we knew it is gone and there is grief to be felt in that reality. We have all lost someone or something during this pandemic. The way of life that we thought would carry on as it always had in years before is no longer present.

We must feel our grief however inconvenient, however unwelcome it is. We must allow ourselves to touch into the well of sadness that swims just below the surface in each and every one of us. On a somatic level, there is no way to avoid this collective grief.

A huge part of what is being illuminated for us all are the ways that we live in disharmony with ourselves, each other, with all other life on this planet and with the earth itself. There is grief to be explored in the ways our systems are failing us. From our dependence on un-renewable resources, to our polluted agricultural systems and water ways, to our class and social systems that are failing to care for the people who are in the deepest need, to our broken political systems and corporations that value profit and power over all sentient beings. This virus is our wake up call.

The earth has been speaking to us.
The plants have been speaking to us.
The animals have been speaking to us.
Our bodies have been speaking to us.

Nearly one year ago in May of 2019 the World Health Organization officially named burnout as a medical diagnosis. Now here we are in the midst of a pandemic with an opportunity to take a deeper look at the ways that we are avoiding and ignoring what we know to be true in our heart of hearts: we cannot go back to the world that we knew. It wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t sustainable and it definitely didn’t have our collective well-being near the top of the list.

This virus is our wake up call.

It’s up to us to listen. To do the radical work of feeling our grief, processing our trauma and the heavy and uncomfortable emotions that are surfacing to remind us of just how incredible and resilient we really are.

We were made for these times.
We were made to adapt.
We were made to heal.
We were made to rise.

It’s up to us to ask the really tough questions of ourselves, of each other, and of those in positions of power:

  • What kind of world do I want to pass on to future generations?
  • What changes am I wiling to make today to support the well-being of the collective and the planet?
  • What support do I need to heal the inter-generational and collective trauma I inherited?
  • How can I become more self-sufficient and less reliant on products and systems that don’t value it’s workers or our planet?
  • In what ways can I be part of a hyper local economy, a closer-to-home way of living that supports sustainability?
  • How can I take really good care of my physical and emotional body so that I can show up and be a leader in my community?
  • What sacrifices am I willing to make today to help shift consciousness forward?
  • Where can I spend my energy and dollars that is in alignment with my deepest values?

It is essential that we take time to really think about what kind of world we want to live in. It is essential that we do whatever inner work we need to do to be able to stay present, in gratitude, and in alignment with our greater purpose.

We can’t just sit around complacent any longer and think that someone else is going to save us, the plants, the animals, or our first mother, this live giving planet we all inhabit. In the words of my dear friend and spiritual teacher Lalah Delia, we have to take our power back.


This letter is how I’m showing up today. This letter is how I’m rallying for us all during these strangely bittersweet times. This letter is how I’m tapping into the collective kindness that is overflowing across the globe streaming from the hearts and minds of you and people like you. We are in a powerful portal, on the threshold of a new paradigm that can shift the direction of where we are all headed if we can commit to getting out of our own way and showing up for something bigger than our individual needs and wants.

There is so much aliveness to be felt right now. And there is a deeper shift available to each of us if we are willing to feel, to stretch, to continue showing up and offering our hearts in the spirit of curiosity, generosity, and receptivity.

Our bodies know what they need to heal.
Our planet knows what it needs to heal.

I hope you will join me on this journey of returning to what each of us already knows within: we are not separate. Every action, every thought, every feeling we have is broadcast out into the world at large. It’s up to us individually to choose the frequency that we want to transmit for the greater good.

We were made for these times.

We’ve got this.
Even when we’re grieving,
even when it hurts,
even when we’re afraid,
even when we’re stuck,
even when the world feels dark,
We’ve got this.

We are the light.
We are the love.
We are the medicine.

Onward my friends.


photo x @lanitrock


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