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5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Your Summer Vacation

No matter what your summer vacation plans, staying healthy while traveling is important. Many people use vacation as an excuse for poor self-care and food choices thinking they will just get back to their real life when they get home. While it is key to have fun and indulge while away, there is no reason to set yourself up for a post vacation guilt fest. No matter where we are, let’s work on achieving a balanced and full life.

The good news is staying healthy during your vacations is not difficult! Do not get overwhelmed by the idea. All it takes is a little planning ahead, some research, and a positive attitude. If we view taking care of ourselves as a chore it’s going to get old real quick. We need to change our perspective and get excited about all the ways we can nourish ourselves while on our vacations. Isn’t that one of the points of taking a vacation in the first place?

5 great ways to stay healthy on your summer vacation:

Stay hydrated.
Traveling, especially flying dehydrates us. Drinking plenty of water will give us energy and help us stay alert. If you are out and about having a fancy cocktail or two be sure to double up on the water. Take water with you in car trips and when buying bottled water in plastic be sure it doesn’t contain BPA, a dangerous chemical that is know to leech at 90 degrees and above. If you’re unsure, glass bottles are the safest bet.

Move daily.
Each day make sure you incorporate some form of exercise. Go for a walk, rent a bike or paddle boat, go for a swim, or take a yoga class. Look for local activities that will get you outdoors.

Pack snacks.
Airports and gas stations are known for having poor food choices. While you might be able to get your hands on a mushy apple, under ripe banana, or salty cashews, packing your own snacks is always the way to go. Try some of these simple and healthy suggestions. All of these snack options can be easily packed and travel well. Veggies and hummus. Fresh berries. Home made trail mix. Raw nut butters (a few companies sell individual packets perfect for tossing in your bag).

I know you’re excited. It’s vacation after all! Getting a good nights sleep while traveling is important. Long car tips and plane rides take the energy out of us. If you are finding that you are are not getting enough hours in the night, get on a Spanish schedule and take a mid-day siesta. Now THAT is my kind of vacation ;)

Taking a break from our hyper connectivity will help us unwind and enable us to be more present for our vacation. Why spend hours and hours online when you can take advantage of your new surroundings. Explore the outdoors and don’t squander your hours keeping up with your friends on Facebook—they will all be there when you get back.


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