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wellness wednesdays: ten ways to beat the summer heat


Happy Wednesday! I hope you are have a great week. Minus the one day of rain over the weekend it’s been hot down here in Los Angeles. Over the last month I have been looking for ways to cool down. I have complied a list of my favorites. Feel free to add to this list, I’d love to know how you stay cool ;)

Ten ways to beat the summer heat:

1. Place a damp cloth on your neck. This works like a charm every time! Add a drop of lavender oil for a calming effect.

2. Avoid alcohol, coffee and sodas. All of these drinks are known to promote dehydration, this will only make you hotter! Stick to water, iced teas and fresh melon juices.

3. Circulate the air in your home with fans. Being in a home with hot, stale air feels terrible. Run the a/c (if you have it) when necessary and/or use fans to get the air moving.

4. Eat gazpacho. Traditionally it’s made with a tomato base. Try making it with your favorite melon or cucumber for a refreshing meal.

5. Go for a swim. A pool, lake, ocean, river – whatever is close by and easy to get to. Make it a point to get in the water. Swimming is excellent exercise and feels awesome when it’s hot out.

6. Take off those shoes! When the sweat evaporates from your feet it gives you a great sense of overall coolness. Try and go barefoot as much as possible.

7. Avoid fatty, fried foods. We don’t have to eat 100% raw to stay cool, after all that is too much chewing for most of us ;) Choose cooking methods like grilling and steaming for your produce and eat a combination of raw and cooked foods for optimal health.

8. Wear cotton clothing and avoid synthetic fabrics. Cotton breathes well and will help keep you cool.

9. Exercise in the morning or evening. Working out in lower temperatures feels great. Try getting out of bed a little earlier and taking a walk or head out for an evening stroll after dinner.

10. And of course when the heat is unbearable head indoors. Take a trip to the movie theater or hit the ice skating rink ;)




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