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7 Glowy-Skin Tips for Fall

When it comes to taking care of our skin, I recommend that my wellness coaching clients use natural as many natural products as possible. Our skin is our largest organ of elimination and it is key to our health that we don’t overload it with unnecessary toxins.

The cooler, drier weather many of us experience this time of year can leave our skin cracked, dry, itchy, and rough. Dryness tends to set in where our oil glands are the weakest. These areas comprise our arms, cheeks, and legs. Here are some simple steps to keep these areas nourished and smooth:

Stay hydrated. Drink at minimum 8 full glasses of water per day and 1-2 warm, herbal teas. Try to reduce your caffeine intake as it is known to pull out moisture. Soups are also a great way to get more water into your diet.

Use oils instead of lotion. Many lotions dry out the skin. When you get out of a bath or shower apply organic, unrefined oil to your skin instead of lotion. It’s best to apply the oil when your skin is slightly damp which will help lock the moisture in. Great choices for body this time of year are almond or sesame oil and for the face, jojoba oil. Coco butter is also a good cool weather body moisturizer.

Hit the steam room. With all of the indoor heat we are exposed to this time of year it is best to avoid the sauna as it will further dry you out.

Warm baths with essential oils. Hot water can further dry out the skin. Taking a warm bath with a couple drops of your favorite essential oil is a great way nourish the skin. Some of my favorite scents for a fall bath include chamomile, neroli, rose geranium, and rosemary.

Get your EFA’s. Omega 3‘s are important essential fatty acids that most people don’t get enough of. If you aren’t eating fish several times a week make sure you are eating some chia seeds, flax oil, and/or walnuts.

Use a humidifier. If you run the heat in your home during the fall and winter consider purchasing a small humidifier. You can also leave a few bowls around the house filled with water to get some moisture into the air.

Skin brushing. We shed tons of skin everyday. Skin brushing daily is a great way to work our lymphatic system, shed toxins, and boost our immune system. Add skin brushing to your daily regime and notice smoother, softer skin in days. I use an all natural skin brush and dry brush before I get in the shower. It’s a nice way to take care of yourself and will make your skin feel so nice.


  • love these tips – thanks for sharing! i love this blog! :)

    • ashley

      You are welcome Alyssa! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week.

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