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Make a Commitment

During a recent tea ceremony, I spent time thinking about what I want to commit to. I decided to keep it relatively simple for myself. Rather than list out all the ways I was going to commit, I decided to make one bold promise:

Be willing to fail harder.

It’s a tall order that makes me uncomfortable. I’m going for it full on this month in every area of my life.

I’m ready to be more vulnerable, ask for what I need, have the difficult conversations, fumble teaching yoga and meditation, not know all of the answers, and kick down the self-imposed obstacles that are in the way of my happiness and the joy of those around me.

New moon energy is all about setting new intentions, and knowing when to push and when to rest. It’s clear that it is time for me to put myself on the line in a new way and risk failing as hard as possible. It is in that failure where creativity is ignited, passions are stoked, connections are strengthened, and skills are sharpened for leading the bold, brave lives that bring joy and meaning to our existence.


  • I like that. I wish I was that brave. ;-)

    • ashley

      You are totally this brave!!! xoa

  • lauren

    i love this!!
    i will join you in this commitment!


    • ashley

      I’m so thrilled Lauren!! It’s been interesting so far, in the best way possible ;)
      Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you, Ashley. I am trying! ;-)

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