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why I am starting the morning with lemon water

drawing of lemons

This is a controversial topic! There are many articles out there on the pros and cons of drinking lemon water. I’ve made this part of my morning ritual for years off and on and lately have been into it again. I always start the day with at least one glass of room temperature or slightly water. Adding a squeeze of lemon to it is a simple way to support the body first thing.

Making sure the water isn’t cold is key here. Cold water makes the body contract and warmer water helps it open. Room temperature water is more hydrating for the body. The aim is to hydrate first thing and warmer water is the best way to achieve that.

I start with 10-12 ounces of water and add a couple squeezes of lemon juice. I use about 1/2 of a small lemon, roughly 1-2 Tbsp. I use organic lemons and wait 15-30 minutes before eating. Usually I have my water and then start my meditation practice then eat after that.

Here are five reasons I am starting the morning with lemon water:

1. System cleanse. Lemon water helps to flush toxins out of the body by enhancing enzyme function which stimulates the liver.

2. Stimulates digestion. Lemons are high in minerals and vitamins that help to break up toxins in the digestive tract.

3. Reduces inflammation. Lemon water will helps to reduce acidity in the body. Too much acid in the body creates a breeding ground for disease. It also removes uric acid in our joints which is a major cause of inflammation.

4. Hydrates the lymphatic system. This system needs a lot of water. When the body is dehydrated the lymphatic system cannot flush out toxins. This can lead to toxic build up which can cause a number of health issues.

5. Clears skin. Vitamin C decreases blemishes and minor wrinkles. Lemon water removes blood toxins which helps keep skin clear as well.

**A note about teeth: Lemon juice has a high acid content. This can cause enamel erosion in some people. I go to the dentist 2 x a year and my enamel is fine as the water dilutes it enough for me. If you are concerned sip through a straw and don’t brush your teeth right after drinking it. For those with weak enamel, it’s best to avoid this ;)



  • Meg

    I supplement lemons with limes and am an avid supporter of starting each day with 2-3 mugs of (warm) lime water. I rarely crave any other beverage than water and it curbs sugar craving. I fill up my 32 oz Camelbak and sip on lime water all day long (refilling 2-3 times). It is so purifying on so many levels! I have gotten my whole office into drinking lemon/lime water.

    • ashley

      I’m a big fan of limes too! I get lemons for free here from my neighbors, one of the joys of living in L.A. ;) I love that you have the office into it, that is awesome. Wishing you a lovely Friday!! xoa

  • I started drinking warm lemon water every morning back in the fall- I don’t know how I never tried it after all these years! After giving up coffee this has been a great starter for me, I don’t even miss the coffee anymore <3

    • ashley

      I hear that from many of my clients that are ex-coffee drinkers. I love that! I go through phases with lemon water, I’m in one now. Glad you are enjoying it too! xoa

  • I am so happy that you touched this subject! I have been hearing many takes on it. I too have been on a lemon kick lately. My local grocer sold 10 organic lemons for $10 a few weeks ago, let just say I have never looked back since!


    • ashley

      Holly! You have been on my mind. I am behind with emails and am so happy to hear from you. 10 organic lemons for $10 is a steal. I love that you are on this lemon water too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xoa

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