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How to Have a Fantastic Morning

Do you find yourself rushing in the morning, scrambling to get out the door to school or work? Do you wake up and feel rushed, pressed for time or anxious about the day ahead? Have you resigned to the idea that you’re not a morning person and allow that to be an excuse for having bad mornings?

I was NOT a morning person most of my life. I dreaded the alarm clock, those damn birds, and anything and everyone that kept me from my precious sleeping state. Most mornings I was nearly in a panic trying to get myself together and leave the house to face the day. After changing my attitude and implementing a few simple steps into my morning routine, things shifted in my everyday life. One of the biggest gifts right off the bat was feeling more centered during the day. In situations where I would immediately react, I started pausing – not every single time but way more than I ever had in my life.

How we begin our mornings has an impact on the rest of our day. Waking up cheerful and happy isn’t always available to us so it is important to take steps towards that regardless of how we feel first thing in the morning. As challenging as it is to believe, happiness is our choice and we can learn to stay curious and grounded even when things are sad or uncertain. Being proactive and following these suggestions will help you become centered in the present moment, have better mornings and feel more in alignment throughout the day.

Look forward to mornings by following these steps outlined below:

1. Wake up earlier. Sounds obvious but trust me, this simple (yet super challenging for most of us!) step is a major game changer. By waking up 30-60 minutes earlier you will have more time to get everything done without feeling rushed.

2. Move your body. This is key. Getting our bodies going in the morning helps to wake us up. I know it can be the last thing we want to do but it really works, and fast. Go for a 10 minute brisk walk, do some yoga or jumping jacks. Get the blood flowing and feel the difference it makes.

3. Meditate. Even just five minutes of consistent practice will have a great impact on your day. Start simply by following your breath and staying still – trust me. Whatever it is can wait. You want to have less anxiety and mental chaos right? Meditate. No excuses.

4. Fuel up. We need energy to start our day right and eating a healthy breakfast supports that. Consume fresh, whole foods instead of two cups of coffee and a pastry. Eating nutrient dense breakfasts gives our brain the fuel it needs to function and this will help keep us alert throughout the day.

5. Enjoy yourself. Relax for a bit after your breakfast, read the paper, write in a journal. Take a few moments to enjoy the peace and stillness of the mornings and remember that place later on during your day if things get hectic.



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