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We’re Leaving The City!

I have some very exciting news to share here with you: we bought 17 acres of rolling hills outside of Yosemite and will be building our dream home (and eventual retreat space) this year!

We just closed escrow a couple of weeks ago and I am over the moon. Building a home with my little family has been a long time dream of mine yet for much of my life felt out of reach. I’m having so many feelings of deep gratitude surface right now because I didn’t give up on my dreams. I kept showing up and doing the work of learning to be present with and value myself. It’s impossible to shed light on all of the complexities that led me to this moment, but I am grateful I stayed the course. I am grateful that I trusted my inner knowing, especially when it challenged (and in many cases pushed me) me to expand and transform though layers of doubt, unworthiness, shame, fear, and worry. I am grateful I leaned into it all one breath at a time.

Nic and I have been talking about leaving the city for ages but we couldn’t settle on a location. We were really clear with what we wanted in terms of acreage but everywhere we looked was either way too expensive (hello, California!) or way too remote. We considered many places even Kaua’i but nothing gave us that feeling we knew we would have when we set foot on the site of our next home.

For those of you who know Nic and I, you know that we take manifesting seriously. Over the last two years of travels we got really clear that the land would find us. We knew that if we just kept showing up with an open mind (me especially because I was pretty focused on living in a town with specific amenities) we would keep visiting places and find our next home. Also, with Solomon in the mix now we felt strongly that all three of us needed to feel the resonance of the place.

Looking back I realize what a huge ask that was from the universe. It was a big to say hey Universe, our family of three wants to live in a small town on an expansive property and it’s essential that we all feel the vibes of YES, this is our place. Thankfully my trust muscle is very strong in this department and there was a part of my subconscious that believed it was possible.

Once we got super clear, like 100% on that piece we were invited last May by our dear friend Lacy to stay at her epic forest retreat house in the sweet gold rush town of Mariposa, right next to Yosemite. Nic immediately got a hit that we would all be happy there and started looking at homes and properties. By the time we set foot in Lacy’s retreat house we already had a realtor and were looking at places.

Fast forward nine months (to right now!) and we just closed escrow, are getting the well tested, having the mobile home and unusable cabin demoed, talking to an architect that we cannot afford (but who is willing to work with us, more on that in the coming months!), and dreaming up our live and work spaces on the land. It’s really wild and to be honest hasn’t completely sunk in yet. Sharing this with all of you is helping me feel into it more, giving it some space to anchor in to my body.


One of the big reasons that we want to move out of the city and be in the Oak trees is that we’re craving deeper connections as a family and as individuals. Our family is yearning for the space to rest, connection to the natural world, to drop into presence with each other, and the opportunity to exchange with nature in a bigger way. I am also longing for the space to dive deeper into my healing practice both as a student and teacher, to write, to experience even more presence with Nic and Solomon, and to live in an environment that is flowing at a pace that is in more alignment with how I want to live each day.

I’ve been listening to many people on podcasts as of late say that you don’t need to leave the city to heal, that it’s possible to do your inner work in the midst of all of the energy that cities hold. While I do believe that healing isn’t solely determined by our location, our environment does have an impact on how deep we can go. There is reason that spiritual teachers have been traveling to remote places for centuries to tune in. In our ever fast paced world, choosing slowness, choosing the wilderness is radical. There is a way that we have to face parts of ourselves out in nature and that is one of the reasons I am excited for this next chapter. There is much to be gained from stepping outside of the hustle and into a place that can nourish you on a cellular level. In fact, as my good friend Kelly reflected to me over the weekend, what our little family is doing is radical.

It’s going to be a full year over here. A very full year. As much as my intention is to rest and simply be present this year, I’m realizing that we took on a pretty massive project of building a home and tending to the incredible land that we have the honor of being in relationship with. Just writing this I can feel into the strength and vitality of the Oaks and allow their medicine to carry me. I am reminded in this breath that we’re not alone, that we have so much support and that in the midst of this next adventure there is space for me to rest.

Wishing you all a nourishing season. May you find a few moments to breathe, to practice gratitude and to remember you are loved and supported.



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