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Why Taking a Vacation Was the Best Decision I’ve Made All Year


Annnnnnddddd…..we have returned from 10 glorious days in Kaua’i. I knew getting away was going to be good for my health, my spirit, my relationship, my clients, and probably even my neighbors. When I set foot that first day on a pristine empty beach and took in a giant breath of clean island air I realized I needed this trip in such a deep way that it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

If you work with people in a healing capacity chances are you need a break. Working with women one on one and in group settings is such an honor. In those sessions I know exactly why was born and what I am here to do. Guiding women towards deeper levels of self care and trusting their intuition feeds my soul. Creating intimate connections with others and assisting their deep, healing work requires a level of self care that up until a few of years ago couldn’t even comprehend. In order to maintain my energetic balance and be of service in the way that nourishes my soul I have to take vacations.

As many of you know my self care journey started a little over fourteen years ago when I got sober. That marked a major life transition and my first baby steps at learning how to take care of myself. Since then I have grown up in ways I never imagined possible and have literally followed my passions halfway around the world and back. These days I am really good at practicing self care on the road, eating yummy foods while out of town, but taking a chunk of time off work to unwind has been more challenging than I care to admit!

The beauty of feeling aligned with your purpose is that it feels like you can work 24/7 because you are just bursting at the seams to create and share. Carving out space to tune into my feminine energy reminds me that there are times to create, times to expand, times to retreat, and times to go inward. Our bodies are not meant to go go go constantly without breaks. We need loads of rest, time for reflection and space to just breathe and be with ourselves.

I’ll admit it. There was a bit of anxiety before our trip and the amount of work that had to get done just so we could leave down was a little nutty. I was downright exhausted when we got on that plane but once it touched down and I felt the Kaua’i humidity on my skin, all of my worry washed away. I knew in my soul this was the right decision and I vowed to not let another four years go by before I took a vacation. From here on out it’s a mandatory once a year break!

Taking a vacation was the best decision I’ve made all year because it was all about slowing down and enjoying each moment for what it is. Jason and I did so much exploring all over the island but it was never rushed or frenzied. We simply woke up each day and let the island guide us. We napped everyday and stayed away from email, the news, endless social feeds and just enjoyed nature and each others company.

Taking a vacation was the best decision I’ve made all year because I inhabited my natural rhythm in a way that isn’t fully possible when you’re in work and big city life mode. Everything awesome that happened on our trip was in some way connected to being in tune with our natural rhythms and the earth. It was just the soul enhancing experience I needed to remind me that healing happens when we give ourselves a break from the everyday.

Taking a vacation was the best decision I’ve made all year because I tapped into my creativity and intuition through living with more stillness and rest. My brightest ideas come during times when I feel grounded, and calm. I also have more visions and vivid dreams when I am in less congested spaces and am linked into so much subtle energy.

I realize we can’t all just hop a plane to an island tomorrow, but if our self care and partnerships are a priority we will make it happen. This trip taught me to place more value on the down time on truly unplugging for days on end with no plans, no stress, just presence. When we value something we find away to make it happen. I encourage you to up the self care in your life and plan an honest to goodness old fashioned vacation. Sunshine and swimsuits are a must ;)



  • sounds dreamy! i should take a vacation too

    • ashley

      Thanks Maya! It was so lovely to get away and return home refreshed! Sending love to you today. xoa

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