My Philosophy

I am here for the softening, the practice of being able to see everything in my life as a sacred expression of grace. I am an alchemist, transforming pain into gold dust, weaving threads of light into everything I create.

My definition of love is connection and I believe the highest form of love is being real. Vulnerability is an express train to healing because honesty builds bridges and makes everyone feel less alone.

I believe in the power of prayer because it has saved my life too many times to count. There is potent magic in using the sound current of your own voice to cut through the darkest moments of your life.

I am here to tell my story because I know the way I share brings in the light, humor, strength and wisdom you need to feel brave enough to do the same. I am here to hold your hand, not because you are broken, but because I really see you. It takes a village to be courageous and open your heart like your life depends upon it.

The meaning we get out of life is directly proportionate to how willing we are to get messy, open ourselves up, and take a deep breath into all the stuff that isn’t pretty.

I am here for the messy.

I am here for the not pretty.

I am here, encouraging you to take one foot out of the habits and beliefs that keep your world small and take the first step for something bigger than you can even imagine, yourself.

I am also here for the joy and the ever expanding capacity to care deeply.

My philosophy can be stated as simply supporting people to trust their intuition which isn’t nearly as woo woo as it sounds. Everyone is born with a direct line to their inner wisdom and my role is to help clear whatever is blocking that channel from coming through as effectively as possible.

I love the phrase empathetic servant because that is the path I have been walking since I was the little girl. I cried when the other kids cried and laughed when they laughed too. I feel all of you and I am devoted to raising the vibration of our world one relationship at a time. Because at the end of the day, all we have is each other and we are truly more than enough.

All my heart,

I’m Ashley Neese.

Breathwork is the practice I love because I see how quickly and powerfully it gets straight to the heart of what so many of us are seeking.

We all want to feel less stress, to feel more present and to have more confidence as we move through this world.

Breathing moves our energy, so we can access the level of clarity that helps us connect to our spirit, to others and accelerate our life.

I’ve been practicing breathwork for many years. Learning to use the power of my own breath to clear, heal and empower every aspect of my life is why I am called to share these accessible and life changing practices with as many people as possible.

My hope is my work helps my clients feel their purpose, find depth in their joy and reflect the light of who they are back out into the world.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do. ”
— Brené Brown


Ashley Neese is a renowned breathwork teacher and author. She has studied with some of the world’s leading masters in yoga, meditation, medical intuition and somatic therapy.

Ashley draws from this deep well of resources to guide people back into their bodies where they learn beyond the cognitive mind how to cultivate resilience, develop relational intelligence and trust the wisdom held within. Her passion lives in the belief that our deepest and most profound healing occurs when we learn to listen to the unique language of our bodies. She is in private practice in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Ashley has been featured in magazines such as ELLE Japan and The Nourished Journal and on sites like Vogue, Well + Good, MindBodyGreen, Jenni Kayne, and Byrdie, among others. Her first breathwork book with Ten Speed Press is slated to publish in Spring of 2019.


Raise your hand if you’re ready
to stand up tall & take up more
space in this world.

Raise your hand if you’re done with
living in the past & won’t let another day
go by where you dishonor your calling.

Raise your hand if spirit is tugging
on you to take bigger risks & let go
of what other people will think.

Raise your hand if it’s time to release
energies that hold you back & focus on
what really matters to your spirit.

Raise your hand if you’re ready to
open your heart to the present moment,
to nature, to endless beauty, to joy.

Raise your hand if it’s time to lead
& to share more of your light with the world.

Raise your hand if it’s time to love yourself
harder than you have ever loved before.

Raise your hand if it’s time.