Friday Feels 14

Friday Feels x Ashley Neese

Some new Frank Ocean. YES.

This podcast is inspiring me daily.

My favorite natural skin brightener.

Weekly astrological download.

The animal medicine book I can’t put down.

Why gratitude is good for your stress hormones.

Jenny Slate, I really like her.

James Vincent McMorrow slays and makes me cry on vinyl.

Inspiring horoscopes to take you through the weekend.

The miso bowl from Honey Hi in Echo Park is in heavy rotation.





Digital Detox :: Why You Need One and How To Get Started

Why You Need A Digital Detox x Ashley Neese

Is your iPhone attached to you at all times? Do you become anxious just thinking about how many emails are piling up in your inbox? Do you feel like everyone on Instagram has a much better life than you?

If you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, can’t remember the last time you read a paperback book, or have a million excuses why you can’t find the time to start that breathwork practice, consider going on a digital detox to reset yourself this spring.

This season is an ideal time of year to take inventory of all of your relationships, including the one you have with digital media. While popular Ayurvedic food and self care based detoxes can be beneficial to help cleanse your system and reboot your energy, most of us need to dig deeper emotionally and address why it’s challenging to take care of ourselves the rest of the year. Similarly, with technology we all need to take an honest look at what it means to be connected to technology 24/7. When you begin to come clean about your need to be online at all times, making healthier choices in every area of your life will become easier.

Consider how it feels to have constant demands on your attention and energy. Each year we receive more emails and texts, and access greater levels of information online. As the pace of the digital world increases there is an expectation that we answer all forms communication ASAP and participate online around the clock. If this feels off balance to you, it is. Going on a digital detox will help you reprioritize your life and get back in tune with your own rhythm instead of rushing around to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Giving yourself a window of time to step back from the noise and tune into what really matters to you leads to greater productivity and longer stretches of true happiness

Staying grounded in our fast-paced world is a very healthy practice to adopt. Giving yourself a window of time to step back from the noise and tune into what really matters to you leads to greater productivity and longer stretches of true happiness. Think about the last time you traveled to a new place and the perspective you gained from the experience. A digital detox is the same. By unplugging these lines of communication you see things differently and tap into deeper wells of creativity.

Another huge benefit of a digital detox is improved relationships. Contemplate the last time you were out with friends and how often you or someone in your group had to check her phone. Each time you reach for your phone in any social situation (emergencies excluded, of course) you are checking out of the present moment rather than spending time with the actual person in front of you. Learning to be in each moment, even the uncomfortable ones, is one of the most valuable skills you can practice. Temporarily disengaging from emails, social media, and projects that keep you online is a wonderful way to recharge and gain perspective on where you head this season.

Digital Detox: How-To

  • Choose a date on which you will shut off all computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and any other digital devices you own.
  • Decide on a length of time for the detox. A minimum of 24-hours is highly recommended.
  • Use a digital detox to do something you’ve wanted to do like read, cook a new recipe, clean your closet, or hang with a friend.
  • Notice what comes up for you emotionally during the detox. Journal about it!
  • To close the detox set three clear intentions for yourself moving forward about how you want to engage with media.
  • Enjoy your new perspective!

If going off the grid feels too scary, try just ignoring Instagram for a few days and see how it goes. This is one of my favorite practicesut. I have days each week where I don’t post to Instagram and don’t even check it. Sure I have FOMO moments and other times where I feel like my business won’t do as well if I don’t follow the arbitrary rule of posting 2-3 x a day to increase followers, but the truth is I am happier when I am on social media less and that is worth everything to me.

If it feels like too much you can also make a commitment to not check your phone in social settings. Start small and feel it out. You are sure to experience incredible benefits by participating in some form of digital detox this spring.

Photo x Marielle Chua



Gratitude List 15

Gratitude List 15 x Ashley Neese

New beginnings.
The smell of orange blossoms.
The promise of spring.
Carving out a path with Nic.
True partnership.
Composting outdated ideas and behaviors.
Countless opportunities to practice being confrontational.
Planting seeds.
Caring less and less what others think.
Seeing the lessons from the universe so clearly.
Listening to my gut and following through.
Staying present and grounded through challenging conversations.
Psychic protection.
Commitment to being a radical and outspoken voice about our potential to heal on cellular levels.
Healing touch.
Exhaling away judgement.
Tuning in.
Digging deep.
The sound of rain.
Trusting that if it’s not a hell yes it’s a no.
Confusion is a no.
Clients who fully show up and their desire to live embodied.
There are no mistakes.
It’s a new day.
It’s a new dawn.
It’s a new life for me.




Gratitude List 14

Gratitide List 14 x Ashley Neese

Staying in bed until 10am.
Cozy socks.
Late lunch.
Conversations with old souls.
Breaking patterns.
Confronting what makes me uncomfortable.
Leaning into my growing edge.
Being in love.
Gorgeous aura photos with the epic Radiant Human.
Excitement for a slower paced life.
Sweet emails from my Dad.
Incredible cousins in the Bay.
A solid foundation.
Spring blossoms.
A partner who loves me enough to challenge my fears and support me through making changes.
Full week of clients and friend hangouts.
Being nice to myself when I missed posting to the journal yesterday.
Making my own rules.
Staying the course.
Long hugs.
Open hearts.
Honest eyes.


Friday Feels 13

Friday Feels 13 x Ashley Neese

An almost spring list of everything that is lighting me up and calling to be shared today. Enjoy this transition from dark into light. x

The animal psychic I am referring to all of my friends.

Crystal infused water on the go.

A spring offering from my heart to yours.

The new essential oil that lives in my purse.

A beautiful Palisades hike overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

I was feeling sick earlier this week until I started taking this daily.

Beautiful notes on how to engage with the upcoming equinox.

One of the most honest books of poetry I have ever read.

My warm weather lip color.

A sweet song to ease you into spring.